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Why I am running for Bonner County Treasurer

I truly care for Bonner County and its citizens. Property taxes are a burden on many property owners and making sure they are educated in the various exemptions that are available, payment plans and how property taxes are assessed, calculated and collected is key. I will run an office that supplies this education and knowledge. I know the inside workings of the Treasurer's Office, I have done the job. Not only can I guarantee a seamless transition from day one, I can also assure you that the office will continue to be run with dedication, professionalism, accuracy and accountability that the citizens of Bonner County deserve.  I will search and look for ways to streamline processes that will benefit tax payers such as additional payment drop box options and being open for longer hours when taxes are due in June and December to accomadate taxpayers. I will also review and look for ways to improve efficiencies for banking processes and the safeguarding of county funds. I believe that tax dollars should be assessed, collected and spent responsibly for the benefit of all Bonner County citizens.

Why I am the best choice to serve as the next Treasurer of Bonner County

I have worked for Bonner County for the past 29 years. My career started in 1993 in the Treasurer's Office where I worked for 23 years, including 14 years as the Chief Deputy Treasurer. In 2016, I accepted a position with the Bonner County Auditor's Office as an accountant to learn the other side of county finance. In 2019, I was appointed Chief Deputy Clerk and this is an appointment that I still hold today. 

Qualifications & Accomplishments

  • Complete understanding of assessments, billings, collection and the apportionment of tax dollars

  • Complete knowledge of county budgets and the calculation of levies

  • Knowledge of applicable Idaho Code, Treasurer's software, Idaho State Tax Commission property tax software and the county's financial system

  • Created and maintained office policy and procedures

  • Created the Homeowner Recapture directions manual that is distributed by the State Tax Commission to other Idaho Counties

  • Extensive customer service and problem-solving experience

  • Established relationships and collaboration with all county departments, taxing districts, Idaho State Tax Commission and the Idaho Secretary of State's Office

  • Key player with the implementation of a new financial system for Bonner County, lead trainer with department heads and end users of the system, collaborated with department heads to set up user roles, rights and permissions

  • National Association of Counties Professional Development Academy - Received the High-Performance Leadership Master Certificate

  • Endorsed by Cheryl Piehl, Bonner County Treasurer

  • Endorsed by Michael Rosedale, Bonner County Clerk

  • Endorsed by the Bonner County Republican Central Committee

  • Endorsed by Idaho True Conservatives

23 Years in the Treasurer's Office

  • Collection of property taxes

  • Banking & reconciliation of accounts

  • Tax deeding

  • Public administration

  • Analyzed, investigated discrepancies, and made necessary corrections

  • Processed all cancellations and reversals of taxes

  • Calculation & billing of all property taxes

  • Audit & apportionment of the monthly tax turnovers for the 50 various taxing districts in Bonner County

  • Prepared & maintained manual controls for collections to be used by the Treasurer and Clerk

6 Years in the Auditor's Office

  • Reconcile & maintain balance sheet accounts

  • Produce financial reports

  • Audit all county departments

  • Review department budgets & monitor budgetary expenditures

  • Calculate levies to determine tax dollars to be collected for all taxing districts

  • Reconcile monthly property tax turnover from the Treasurer's Office

  • Compare and balance Auditing reports to Treasurer's cash reports 

  • Urban renewal & M&O adjustments

  • As Chief Deputy Clerk, I manage and oversee all operations of the Bonner County Elections Office


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